OUR Brand Story


KP-tech has developed high-quality decorative sheet products.


These products are based on eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Highly Weatherable
& UV Resistance

BELITASA has the advantage of excellent weather resistance and UV resistance.

Rich &
Vibrant Color

BELITAPET is a brand that covers the wide color spectrum with the rich and vibrant color.


Our decorative films are produced based on the corporate sustainability philosophy

Beautiful and
Eco-friendly spaces

Your kitchen and living areas will transform into uniquely beautiful & eco-friendly spaces.

Company and Brand

Along the way, KP-tech from its early start has evolved into Korea's leading sheet manufacturer and first-adopter of environmentally friendly APET production. These products are based on eco-friendly manufacturing processes and fall under the brand names “BELITASA”, and “BELITAPET”.

About Us

Our Products

We have two products that named “BELITAPET” and “BELITASA”. BELITAPET is our brand of rich, vibrant colored sheet which covers the wide color spectrum and boasts excellent surface quality. BELITASA is our brand name for its UV resistant non-yellowing decorative sheet.

What advantages does BELITAPET have?

(3 Layer)

Excellent weather resistance and vivid colors with the balance technology of Main (A Layer) and Sub (G Layer) facilities


Environmental benefits include no formaldehyde (HCHO), plasticizers, heavy metals or volatile organic compounds TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds).

Excellent Scratch
and Surface Resistance

Covers both UV-A and UV-B wavelengths and cures to resist scratches


BELITAPET is a brand that has the excellent weather resistance compared to other products and covers the wide color spectrum with our rich and vibrant color sheets.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, their excellent quality makes them suitable for laminates for kitchens and other furniture. The specifications of decor sheet that can be produced by KP-tech are 0.2~0.8mm in thickness and 1200~1500mm in width.

And by building our own UV coating lines, the coating adds features such as scratch resistance, high gloss, super matt, anti-fingerprint and ensures a hardness of at least H hardness.

What Advantages Does BELITASA Have?

Weather Resistance

BELITASA is non-yellowing as a result of UV exposure and is highly UV resistant under both fluorescent lighting and natural sunlight.

Heat Shock

BELITASA provides and maintains its appearance quality even after long exposure to heat and UV

3D Forming

BELITASA can be done 3D forming that make it suitable forming high-end kitchen and other furniture applications.

What is ASA?

ASA, a new material, is a copolymer of SAN and acrylic rubber. It is a highly functional plastic that has most of the advantages of ABS and has excellent weather resistance. Even when used outdoors for a long time, it has little change in physical properties and appearance, so it is used for automobile exterior materials, building materials, and furniture seats. 

ASA is generally more weather resistant than PVC or GAG and can exhibit a high gloss and smooth appearance.

In addition, the heat resistance test was recognized for its excellent thermal stability and appearance quality.


Recycling processes are being carried out in many areas to efficiently use limited resources, prevent global warming, and preserve the environment. KP-tech can produce the decorative finishes using discarded PET bottles(Post-consumer bottles).

● Outstanding r-pet manufacturing technology
● 70% post-consumer bottles
● GRS Certification


We applied to interior components for the first time in the industry in 2021. Biomass PET utilizes the biomass resources of regenerable biological origin. These plastics are high-polymer materials made of raw materials consisting of starch, sugar, or cellulose contained in plants. The CO2 in the atmosphere does not increase (carbon-neutral). Therefore, it is an environmentally-friendly material that does not contribute to global warming. Furthermore, this material is as strong and rigid as polystyrene.

● PLANT-derived resource
● BIO-Content from nature
● 28% Reduction in CO2 emissions
● Substitute of regular PET

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